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Re: 0% financing. What's the catch?

Nice info that I picked up.


I never cared to evaluate the 0% financing contract term and price because I knew I wouldn't qualify.


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Re: 0% financing. What's the catch?

I recently purchased a Toyota for 0% financing.  The dealer told me a FICO score 650 and above qualified for 0%.  Also, I consulted Consumer Reports on what I should pay for the model I was interested in - I payed exactly what was fair.  This is a great time of year to buy and get the deals on the 2012 closeouts.  Of course, the finance guy did the hard sell on all the extras that would jack up the payment.  I said no thanks to all of that and walked away with the car I wanted for the right price and the right payment.  Best wishes with the new baby and the new car.

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Re: 0% financing. What's the catch?

One "catch" that hasn't been mentioned yet:  Some lenders will only allow for 0% for very short loan terms, like 36 - 48 months.  So if you think you will have a super low car payment, it won't be if you have such a short loan.  For example, if you finance a $40K loan at zero for 36 months, that's a loan payment of over $1K per month.  Sometimes a low interest rate with longer terms is gentler on the wallet.  Especially if you are on a budget. 

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Re: 0% financing. What's the catch?

Congrats!  What was the model Toyota you purchased? What state are you from?  Sounds good 650 and up qualifies for zero percent.


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Re: 0% financing. What's the catch?

Well we got the car with ease. Her credit score is in the 700's and we got the 0% for 60 months. Payments stayed about the same.
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Re: 0% financing. What's the catch?

Razeus wrote:
Well we got the car with ease. Her credit score is in the 700's and we got the 0% for 60 months. Payments stayed about the same.

very nice! enjoy it! 

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Re: 0% financing. What's the catch?

My mom got 0% from nissan. I'm hoping to get the incentive rate when I buy my next volvo... volvo doesn't do 0%... my CU does 1.7 even on used with low miles. Ive still got a few years to think about it

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Re: 0% financing. What's the catch?

StartingOver10 wrote:

Razeus wrote:

She has a 2 door Honda Accord.  We had a baby a few months ago and we are looking at a 4 Door Camry for $27k (sticker price, we'll aim for $25k).  Her credit is good.  The current Honda is above water for $2k.

The real catch with the zero down, zero interest rate is that they won't negotiate on the price. They build in the interest rate into the price. Plus, as pointed out above, they try to stick you with each and every kind of add on they can in the finance office (extended warranty, etching etc).They get their bump from the manufacturer and you are stuck paying full retail for a new vehicle. As you can see, I'm not too keen on buying new - its a real waste of money. Just for kicks do the math on the 2012 zero interest and then do the same model for lightly used 2011 with market rate interest but the substantially lower price. You will be surprised.

Remember the new baby doesn't really know whether its a new car or not....

You are going to be having all kinds of new expenses over the next five years. Consider getting a less expensive late model used vehicle rather than a brand new one...JMO. (off soap box now)

Eh, even though the OP has purchased their car (congrats!), I'd like to contest this point, for future readers. There is absoutely nothing that says a dealer won't negotiate on the sale price of a vehicle and still not offer a mfg rate. 

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Re: 0% financing. What's the catch?

0% financing ensures you will buy the vehicle they have the offer on and only involves new vehicles.  Not a bad deal, but there are other options.  I bought a 3 year old $47K Cadillac with 32,000 miles on it for $10,500.   Deal just fell in my lap and I jumped on it.  Always look and weigh your options.

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