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Alliant Credit Union Auto Loan question

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Alliant Credit Union Auto Loan question

tv4184 wrote:

1.  what your EQ FICO score at time of app:   742

2.  what was your AAoA and age of oldest account:   AAoA - 4 years 4 months  Oldest - 7 years 9 months

3.  what was your highest CL at time of app:   $14950

4.  any EQ derogs at time of app:   none

5.  what instant offers you received online:   missed identity check so I had to fax in information

6.  what instant Credit Limit & APR did you get:  N/A

7.  what credit did you receive through LO if no preapprovals:   approved for $25,000 auto loan - did not ask APR - was looking for more but they said new account so max is $25,000

8.  what verification or docs were required:  faxed in utility bill and birth certificate; emailed drivers license picture - too dark on fax

9.  Prior to this I had tried to apply to Penfed and got flat out rejected for the loan but I was requesting 10k more than I did this time.  Also at the time I was 50% on my CC utilization and had about 2.5k less in gross monthly earnings.  In any case I started picking up alot of weekend shifts so I brought my income up and I am sitting at 28% on my CC utilizations (which is still alot because most of it is on one card so its 66%).  I also been paying off my student loans so I brought that down by 20k.  Went from a score of 714 in September to 742 per myfico.  The loan officer told me my score that they pulled was a 749.  The forum did help me find Alliant though.  I may not be able to buy my car now but this will definately be useful in the future.

Sorry to drudge up a old thread but does anyone know if Alliant still limits new customers to 25k loans? I am going to join/app with them soon and was curious.



Starting Score: 550
Current Score EQ: 688 Sep/7/13
Current Score TU: 686 Sep/7/13
Goal Score: 720

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