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Auto Loan question

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Auto Loan question

So my credit score is hovering right around the 600ish range..Ive been paying debt on my credit cards off massively, about 3600, with about, 2000 total to go.. over the last 2 months, and havnt updated my transunion fico yet. My FAKO was 595 before any debt had been paid, and the really only baddies I have left are old student loans with late payments from 2007 that are paid in full that im going to goodwill after my dispute results come back if that doesn't take care of the problem. For some reason they still say derogatory or collection/ charge off.They are all paid in full though.


My question is, im going be applying for a car loan as soon as I get this debt completely paid or at about 9% ultilization on the credit cards. Im curious as to how much anyone would think a co signer would help. My fiance has a spotless credit history and the AAoA is about 5 years. Her FAKO is over 700. She applied for a citibank card back in jaunary and her fico eq was 687. My DTI will be minimal when applying for the loan, probably around 29,000 total. Any other advice im not considering before I do this? I dont really have a choice as I will need a car within a year, but im still trying to get into better shape and my time is limited

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Re: Auto Loan question

And realistically how drastic of a difference on APR rates will a co signer make?

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