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Changing Ownership of Car?

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Changing Ownership of Car?

Hi everyone.

Ok so i was wondering if it's possible to change the ownership of a vehicle to another person? I have a Nissan Sentra which i got last year in August but i needed a cosigner because i had little credit. So my mom's friend decided to use her name to purchase the vehicle and she got it but I'm the one driving it and making all the payments every month.

I tried going to the dealer to see if they could change the ownership of the car to mine since i managed to build some credit but they tell me to call the financial and change it through them. I called the financial of the vehicle and they say it's not possible to do that, but the dealer says yes it can be done.

Anyone here managed to change the ownership of a vehicle?
After all i'm the one making the payments (which is high btw) and i at least want that to show on my credit report .
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Re: Changing Ownership of Car?

Yes, you go get a loan and buy the car from the person currently on title. That's the only way to have the loan report to your credit report is to have the loan in your name.

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Re: Changing Ownership of Car?

I think you need to refinance the car. I did that. My dad and I were both on my car note and listed as co owners. In 2 and  half years my credit went up and I was able to refi the loan into my name at my bank and just put my name on it at the tax office. I am not sure if it could be done without a refi. 

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