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Is 2.74% a good rate?

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Re: Is 2.74% a good rate? Lexus

By the way, I also shopped around for other luxury cars --ended up getting Lexus since it gives more bang for the buck for features whereas other luxury makers like Mercedes and BMW give you less features for the same price but you pay for the "brand" --


In case anyone is in the market for a Mercedes C300, I offered $42,000 - $43,000 but a coulple of mercedes dealerships in Los Angeles wanted $48,000 OTD (all taxes and fees rolled in and remained fairly firm on that price), one may have gone down to $45,000 OTD. Anyway, Lexus IS 200t was loaded with features (warm seats, fanned seats, navigation etc) for $43,000 OTD and was a better deal than Mercdes or BMW value wise. 

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