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Anyone ever done a car loan(or any other) with LightStream?


Got a quote from them, and they do unsecured auto loans. They are a division of SunTrust Bank so at least I've heard of them.

Search here for them, haven't seen them mentioned in a post.

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Re: LightStream

I looked up "personal loans" on the internet and after dealing with Prosper and Lending Club, I came across Lightstream from I think Credit Karma.  AFter looking them up on the internet, the app was very similar to Prosper and I filled it out on Friday, it did a HP to all three CRA's, but I was approved for my asking loan of $20K ... at 2.29% the monthly was around $400+ for the next 3.5 years [42 months] .... they called to verify address, contact numbers and wanted to know if my high inquiries were due to Auto loan inquiries, and I said yes.  App'd on Friday, Oct. 31 @ 10PM in the evening; approved Monday, 11/3; funding to occur in my checking account on Tuesday, 11/4 for the 2.29 % APR rate .... papers sent via online profile in their system and I signed electronically and gave them info on my checking account.  Done deal; quick and painless.


Thanks for letting me share.

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Re: LightStream

Thanks for sharing.
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