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NMAC reported numerous LATE PAYS in error! How to REMOVE?


NMAC reported numerous LATE PAYS in error! How to REMOVE?

I am attempting to purchase a new vehicle and would like the LOWEST interest rate possible. I pulled my Equifax FICO score which is currently a 692. On my credit report I also noticed that NMAC reported nearly a year straight worth of 30 day late pays. The last late pay was reported in December 2007. I believe without these late pays I would be in the mid 700's, giving me access to the lowest rates.
Here is what happened. Earlier this year NMAC called me and said that my payment for that month is seriosly late. I told them it must have been lost in the mail, and that I can make an immediate payment over the phone. I asked them to remove the late fee, and the woman advised me that she cannot as all of my payments have been late for the last YEAR! I inquired more and discovered there was a payment way back in JANUARY 2007 that was returned from my bank, causing all subsuquent payments to be late by 30 days. I asked her why no one from NMAC contacted me until a year later and she didnt know. I contacted my bank and they acknowledged that the bill payer check from a year prior didnt clear. They told me that their bill payer service was being upgraded at the time and some of the checks were interrupted in the process. They said they mailed a letter to everyone but I never received it. I forwarded the signed bank letter of error to NMAC and they agreed to remove the late payments.
Well 6 months have passed and they are still on all 3 of my credit reports. For the last month have been persistently contacting NMAC to get these late pays REMOVED from my report, and currently they have only removed that single month that the bank caused the error. They wont remove the subsuquent months that would have OTHERWISE been on time, which makes no sense.
  1. 6/22/08 - Called NMAC to get an exact copy of my payment history
  2. 7/3/08 - Called NMAC, spoke to a supervisor, he advised me to fax him an updated bank letter stating that check was returned due to bank error, so that he can all late pays removed. Went to the bank and sent fax the same day. In my fax I also showed how my payment history should reflect.
  3. 7/7/08 - Called NMAC, requested supervisor I previously talked to and was told he is on vacation. They told me to resubmit my fax. I did, and they said they would have an answer within 7 days.
  4. 7/14/08 - Called NMAC, spoke to a different supervisor and they said they are ONLY going to REMOVE the SINGLE late payment from when the bank made the error (January 2007). I told them again that it caused all of my subsuquent payments to be late by 30 days until NMAC contacted me and told me over a year later. They told me to dispute it with the bureaus, which I already did last month, and they of course just simply verified it as being accurate. I told them that and they just blew me off.
What can I do now....????

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