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Questions about Capital one Blank check and Roadloans!

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Questions about Capital one Blank check and Roadloans!

I have been approved for a Capone Blank check up to 19k @ 36-72 mos 17-18.8% APR. Roadloans was much worst up to 16k @72 mos 20.8% APR.


How long does the blank check offer stays opened? I'm still waiting for desicions from NFCU and my local CU!


If above denies me, who should I seek for a lower APR or who should i refinance with 6-12 mos later on?


Wells Fargo, Carfinance, and someother subprime denied me!


Other remarks is I have 3 chargeoffs from the same bank. 2 repos and an installment loan all over 6 years old. Payments for 3-4 years were paid ontime till my wife lost her job and I took a 1200/mo paycut. Since then I have paid off an installment loan and paid a 5k furniture bill in 24 mos to build my credit up 3 years ago. Recently got a secured CC and now other institutions want me to apply for one. 


Even though i cant  buy my scores here my TU FICO from a letter was 592 and my Experian FICO is 631 again not recived here!

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Re: Questions about Capital one Blank check and Roadloans!

I'm not certain how long they stay open for, but you figure it's got to be two weeks or longer even.  NFCU and your local CU shouldn't take that long to come up with a decision. Can call and ask I would suggest, it's not in the FAQ strangely.


If you don't do better with the two CU's (and you well may), I'd take the Cap One offer down to the dealership and ask them to beat it (which I'd do anyway even with a CU approval unless it was some loopy low rate).  I think your refinance targets are the same CU's you're currently with honestly.  For a third may try DCU or Penfed as both are offering good terms on auto loans currently, though Penfed auto loans I've heard mixed stories about their approval criteria on and I don't have first-hand experience with them.

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Re: Questions about Capital one Blank check and Roadloans!

I hope either one can  get me under 13% Im wiling to a downpayment of 1500 down on a 13k vehicle for 36-48 months. I really was trying to hold out for derogs to fall off in Aug and Dec this year but my truck is on  its last leg 282k. 

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Re: Questions about Capital one Blank check and Roadloans!

If i remember correctly from '08 the Cap1 blank check was good for 30 days

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