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Rep at PenFed Credit Union

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Rep at PenFed Credit Union

I thought I'd share with anyone who wanted to know and or might be interested. I am thinking of applying for a refinance loan with PenFed. I called to find out the minimum score needed for their current rates. He told me at least 680. Also, he said you can request PenFed to repull your credit score if you had  lower score at the time of membership approval (which I did) on the online application.


So I'm kinda glad I called, because I was under the impression that mid 600's would get you approved. I'm not sure if new/used purchase requirements are different from refinance, but at any rate at least I know.


My EQ is 684 and TU is 675. I'm not sure I want to chance it. The beginning of August my EQ was 656. I would like to refinance my 08' truck from 9.1%

1/19/09 EQ 595 TU 508 EX 579 FICO
7/1/09 EQ 659 TU myFICO 654 TU 671 EX 644
10/14/10 EQ 696 EX 710 TU 728 (Wachovia pulled scores)
11/1/10 EQ 705 EX 710 TU 728 (700 Club all around, yayyy!)
07/24/11 TU 735
5/21/12 EQ 704 EX 737 TU 722
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