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Why so much variation in scoring between banks?

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Why so much variation in scoring between banks?

Okay, I'm gonna need some of the seasoned folks help on this one: I am refinancing my 2008 BMW that at the dealer, pulled a 608 when I had pulled a 660 FICO from here. So, I got jammed with a whopping 16% interest rate (I knew I'd refi later). So, I was instantly approved with Capital One for 8.2% for a refi yesterday. I thought, well that's better than what I have by a long shot. Then, I thought about how nice BoA was to me with my credit card, tried them, instantly approved for 6.2%! So I'm sticking with them, since they're "prime" and I may want a mortgage later Smiley Very Happy


At any rate, Cap One said Equifax was 608. BoA said it was 658. Keep in mind Equifax is my lowest score by far. Does everyone pull Equifax? My TU is amost 700 and EX is 709.





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