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Why the VERY low auto loan amount?

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So yesterday I applied with Road Loans for a auto loan and I was approved for 21k.


My net income is 5700 month.  My fico is about 635 and I have paid my Lexus lease on time for the last 2 yrs. I have a discharged bk from 2009. 

Every credit card I have had open since 2009 I have paid on time.  I have about 30 inq and my utilization is at 85 %


Why is it that I was only approved for 21k.  I can proove that I receive 5700 in income a month


It is that my utilization and subsequent low score are the reason for the low approval limit?


Was that a system error?



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No, you have 30 inquiries and your utilization is at 80+...

No, you have 30 inquiries and your utilization is at 80+ percent. You need to pay down debt and let those inquires fall off..

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Re: No, you have 30 inquiries and your utilization is at 80+...

If I pay off ALL my debt including the Lexus lease early and have 20 % down will my chances dramtically increase?


The inq will not fall off by next May when I have to get another car as my lease it up on my current car


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Re: No, you have 30 inquiries and your utilization is at 80+...

Why do you have 30 inqs?

Are those from Auto Loans inquiries or CC inquiries or what?


And 20% DP trumps all.

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Re: No, you have 30 inquiries and your utilization is at 80+...

Paying your reported debt down to the 1 - 9% range will definitely get you a score boost. Paying the lease down or off will make your debt to income ratio look better, and six months of positive credit will certainly help and not hurt. Given those factors and having 20% down you should have no problem securing very favorable terms for an auto purchase in May.

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Re: Why the VERY low auto loan amount?

utilization is at 85 % you need to bring them down to see your score increase and get better rate and better Loan amount.

pay down to 30 % is good. when your used 85% of your total credit limit that is make you become high risk to lender. 

base on your income alone 5k7 for month

How much you total credit limit?

how much did you used?

do you have another open auto loan?

do you have open mortgage?

any another bill?

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Re: Why the VERY low auto loan amount?


My plan is to pay off all of my revolving debt and wait a few months and try again.  I hope that my score goes up a good amount if I pay everything off and leave a small balance on one card



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Re: Why the VERY low auto loan amount?

I guess my question is what are you trying to buy and why did you go to Roadloans to get this new loan?

I don't care about the INQ and for car shopping, banks don't either!

now 85% that is an issue


Why not go back to Lexus?

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Re: Why the VERY low auto loan amount?

I would def wait to you get util in check then seek an auto loan again.  most likely that 21k loan came with a high apr.  If i had to take a gues and you got util to report less than 10% a jump close to 700 may be in order

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