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Yep, NFCU rocks!

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Yep, NFCU rocks!

After years of having my credit screwed up from medical bills from an on the job injury that should have been paid for by my old boss I can finally get credit easily and at a fantastic rate! 


I applied to NFCU late on Wednesday evening last week and they pulled my TransUnion on Saturday and aproved me at some point since then for an account. I called today, Tuesday late morning and they confirmed I was aproved and they opened my savings account which was curently at -$5 (fee) and I asked if I could apply for an auto loan. I get transfered and a few basic Q's and I'm instantly approved for $25,000 on a used car for 60 months at 2.99%. Said I can immediatly ask for a recon up to $30,000 if I wanted. I really only needed low 20's so I stuck with the 25,000 limit.  


Transunion was a 749 when they pulled it Saturday. I hear they pull Equifax for loans which is currently 767 for me but I have not recieved an alert that my credit has been pulled again yet? Maybe the alert hasn't shown yet, or they will run it again when I actually make a purchase and the check is used? I'll update as it progresses for those that may be curious in the future. 


Income is $51,000 yearly plus just under $15,000 in rental property income and employed 15 years with the same company and I own my home outright. They did not ask for any paperwork to verify anything still which I am a lil shocked by. 


Shopping for an 05/06/07 model year vehicle and I'm not sure if anyone else can touch this rate for a used car of this age. I have a few options I may try as it shouldn't hurt my credit to try a few more places. I will also have the dealer see if they can beat it but I want to build  relationship with NFCU so they'd have to get a notably lower rate which I kinda doubt they'll be able to find?


Thanks to all here, your advice helped me get here, an easily approved loan witha  quick phone call. Crazy! lol

Started - Under 500's due to medical bills
Current - EQ MYFICO - 767, TU WalMart Fico - 779, EX Plus - 744 Credit Karma - 709
Goal - 800+ across the board
NFCU Cash Rewards $20,000Chase Freedom $2,000, Capital One Platinum $1,500, Walmart Store Card $3,600, AMEX Green Card.
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Re: Yep, NFCU rocks!

Congrats on the great rate! 

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