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Re: Average cost of a bankruptcy attorney?

Arkansas here and it was $1200 including fes.

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Re: Average cost of a bankruptcy attorney?

In Vegas, the lousy attorneys (who use paralegals to do all the work and you may or may not meet before your 341) charge ~$1000 + filing fees.  The good attorneys who do the work themselves charge $1500-$2000, including filing fees, dependent on the complexity of the case.



I am not an attorney and none of what I write should be construed as legal advice. For legal advice please consult an attorney.

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Re: Average cost of a bankruptcy attorney?

I'm in NJ. My simple no asset 7 was 1200 + 306. This was the mid-range for attorneys I interviewed. I was given an agreement before I signed that clearly spelled out what was included in the price, and what wasn't. This was the only atty. that did that. One extra was $350 to vacate a judgement (which I didn't need.)

Price shouldn't be the only criteria. It doesn't matter how cheap one is if you can't get them to answer an email or return a phone call, or your feel you are being treated badly. Most BK attorneys offer free initial consults. Make appointments with 3-5. Some also have payment plans, but usually a good chunk if not all must be paid before filing.

My BK was an easy one, but if I were to do it over, I'd still hire an attorney. Worth every penny, in stress-relief alone.
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Re: Average cost of a bankruptcy attorney?

Mine was $1100 in Florida. I know attorneys get a bad rap similar to car salesman, but I think BK attorneys are probably the most reasonable there is, for what they do. Plus, they know going in (provided you are honest about what you have) exactly what they can and can't discharge for you. During my first meeting I presented everything I had and in five minutes my attorney knew what needed to be done. It was painless.


BK attorney = anesthesiologist of the law world. Same story different day possible difference in meds per client. If I was a lawyer, i'd be a BK attorney, hands down.

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Re: Average cost of a bankruptcy attorney?

masscredit wrote:

Thanks for the info!  She is in the Dallas/Villa Rica area of GA so if anyone in that area knows of a reasonably priced BK attorney, we're open to suggestions.



Sent you a PM for a BK Attorney in Marietta.

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Re: Average cost of a bankruptcy attorney?

Im in NJ/NYC area Attorney licensed in NY/NJ/CT/PA i paid 2000 for attoney cost 306 for filing cost.
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Re: Average cost of a bankruptcy attorney?

Looks like most are in the $1000. - $2000. range.


I have a friend that declared BK about 20 years ago. I believe he paid $750. for everything then. 


BK attorneys must have really been raking it in when the economy took a dump in 2008 and a few years after. I was one person that added to their wealth! 

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Re: Average cost of a bankruptcy attorney?

My fiance paid $1,850 (in FL); his attorney had a payment plan, but my fiance went ahead and paid him the full amount.

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Re: Average cost of a bankruptcy attorney?

I filed in February of 2007 in my home state of Florida.  I wrote an initial check to my attorney in the amount of $250 and the remainder was paid to him by the Trustee from the money I sent monthly to the Trustee.

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Re: Average cost of a bankruptcy attorney?

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Mine was $800. The attorney told me to expect $300 to $1,000 depending on how much information I provided and how complicated it would be. Complicated could include a business and such. The attorney had me dig out all the credit/loan accounts with names, addresses, telephone numbers.and dollars owed which made it easier for him to process. Even so, it gets involved. I hear of people that do it themselves. I shake my head. For me it was emotional and I could not have applied my business sense to it. With the more revised BK laws from the early 2000's many new requirements have been added. A lot to know and keep track of when watching your life go up in smoke (at least for awhile).

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