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BK 13 Finally deleted from all reports!

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Re: BK 13 Finally deleted from all reports!

Dominicr wrote:
Is there a score bump when a chapter 13 shows discharged on the report from when it shows open? I know there is a bump when it falls off just was curious about discharge cause my 13 discharges anytime now

Hi Dominicr!


I did not receive a score bump when discharged. But what I was able to do was manuver with credit apps a little easier. I was able to get an apt that I desired with the DC vs without it. My score bumps came when the removal from credit agency was completed.


After your DC, just mind your credit like a dog with a bone! It will benefit you if you take care of it! Get Ready!



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Re: BK 13 Finally deleted from all reports!

congrats man i'm fighting the same battle. trans union took off bk13 but experian and equifax keep telling me its valid and won't take it off. but hopefully soon.

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