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Ch 13 confirmed, but I have questions

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Ch 13 confirmed, but I have questions

So I just checked the NDC on a whim today and it looks like my case was confirmed 7/6/12.  Yay me, but of at least 30 some creditors it looks like only 3 have made claims:  my attorney (of course to receive their fee), the IRS for back taxes, and my vehicle. So if all the other people I owe $ to haven't made claims and the vehicle amount that originally the lawyer set my plan up for is several thousands less, does that mean my bk can end early?  Possibly at 36 months instead?

My Plan base was a total of $49,500 over 60 months, but there have only been claims totaling $25,446.20.  What happens now?

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Re: Ch 13 confirmed, but I have questions

I have the same question.  I, also, included several CCs in the Ch 13 filing but the only claims were my attorney, Cap 1 Auto (car note) and one $500 claim from Best Buy credit card.  


Filed-4/14/2010  Confirmed-1/4/2011 with a plan base of $23,108 and 46 payments of $505.


I have now made 28 payments for a total paid in of $14,142, leaving a base balance of $9,091 according to the trustee's website. Seems like I would have 18 more payments to go.


Further down the page on that same trustee's website, however, it says that the amount due to creditors is $5,144 and that there are 11 payments remaining ("calculated, may not be accurate").  A little further on it also says "Plan current (legacy) is $3,451."


So my question is, why is the plan base balance so different than what is due my creditors?  Do I owe the base balance ($9,091), the remaining due creditors ($5,144), or the Plan current ($3,451) amount? It is the difference between 18, 11, or 7 payments. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel but, I'd like to know exactly how much longer I have to go.  


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Re: Ch 13 confirmed, but I have questions

You're certainly much further along than I am.  Please keep us posted.

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Re: Ch 13 confirmed, but I have questions

Could you please let me know what happened with your situation?  We are also on a 60 month plan. Our plan was filed 3/11/2009 and confirmed on 10/6/2009

our "Plan Base" was $99,030.00. As of today 9/11/2013 it states we have paid $92,068.82 into our plan.  We shouldn't be out of our 60 month plan until 3/2014.  We pay $1665.00 a month into our plan(which was the amount confirmed in the case)  We are not making extra payments.  If this is the case the "plan base" should be paid off in December of this year.  According to the amounts we should only pay $6,961.18 more.  I don't want to contact the Trustee about it because I have been told by many that you should not "stir the pot"   

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Re: Ch 13 confirmed, but I have questions

You Have to pay untill the base plan is paid in full..If there is money left after the trustee pays all the creditors, then she will take the rest of the money and send a pecentage of  this to your  creditors also... we hoped and prayed that we would be done  with our chap 13 by now,  but paying 2,360.00 will run us into january 2014, which is when we will meet our base plan of 152,880.00.  Our 60 mths ended in June 2013..everyone is paid except for 2 creditors which are owed 632.00.  we will have over 18,000.00 that will be distributed  to our creditors who weren't paid 100%.

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