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Chap 13 Discharged - Credit Repair automatic over time?

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Chap 13 Discharged - Credit Repair automatic over time?

We filed Chap 13 last year as a special situation specifically as a qualifier to short sell our home that was worth less than owed.  Everything went as planned and the home sold and we received the successful discharge in January.  


Despite our home being the only thing included in the filing, 2 of our credit card companies did cancel immediately even though we had a 0 balance.  However, our Discover card remained throughout the process and we started utilizing the card again after successful discharge. 


We never made a late payment prior to filing and continue to use the card each month and pay off the balance in full.  My question is, will our credit scores continue to improve over time on their own?  I believe that is yes, but wanted to make sure there isn't anything else we need to do.  Thanks ahead of time. 


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Re: Chap 13 Discharged - Credit Repair automatic over time?

Of course your scores will improve.


Make your payments and just wait it out...  I've been out of Ch 13 for 4 months now and I don't have a home loan.   After I got my discharge I checked all 3 reports and made sure they were accurate.  I made a couple of minor corrections (ex-wife accounts were showing on my report) and now all is good.  The rebuilding process has started.



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