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Chap 13 is off EQ

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Chap 13 is off EQ

Chapter 13 filed late October 2010.  


Exp removed the bk in early July of this year.  TU stopped reporting the BK in July after I requested EE.  EQ stopped reporting today. 


All reports are now Clean.  I pulled a 3B this morning- Fico 8 scores are EQ 725, TU 737, EX 729. 


I have followed this community since my discharge and want to thank everybody for sharing their experiences and expertise. 



Hope these DP's  help. 

Chap 13 dc Jan 2016. 07 Dec scores 742 EX, 741TU, 757 EQ.Cap 1 QS 3k / SGV $3.3k / Cap 1 V1 $10k / Amex ED $1k / Disc IT $9.7k / USAA CR $7k / PenFed Defender $16k / Amex BCE $6k / NFCU GoRe $20k / Nordstrom store card $6.7k. / USAA Limitless $6k/ Navy Platinum $20k / Amazon Prime Rewards Visa $5k/ US Bank Platinum $500/ 2 Sync store cards and 3 Comenity store cards. Cap 1 Auto $27k @ 4.66% / local Cu RV loan 20k @ 4.99. 13 year old MTG @ 5.42%.
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Re: Chap 13 is off EQ

Awesome! Congrats......I can't wait! 

BK 5-2012 Revolving Rebuild Started 6-2016
AMEX ED, Delta & SPG | BOA CR | PenFed PR & CR | NFCU FS | Discover IT | Cap1 QS & VENTURE | LOWES | Barclays AVIATOR

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Re: Chap 13 is off EQ

Congrats on a big accomplishmentSmiley Happy
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Re: Chap 13 is off EQ

Congratulations!!!  I'm patiently waiting for mine to fall off in about 6-9 months.  I can only imagine the delight in seeing that last clean report!

EQ 679 EXP 700 TU 763
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Re: Chap 13 is off EQ

Did you dispute the BK 13 on you EQ they told me it will stay for 10 years TU and EXP already deleted fighting EQ thanks

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Re: Chap 13 is off EQ

It will be 10 years on 12/12 I have bk on Ex and eq. Eq score is clean with no baddies other than the bk, what is the earliest that I would have best luck with giving ee a try, any ideas? Eq score currently 698, cant wait to see what it is when bk is gone. Cause Ex has post bk baddiea, I'm leaving that alone for now.
Current Scores as of 8/18/17 all FICO 8 EQ: 695 EX: 673 *fico2 699 TU:645 bio has more.
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