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Credit report question


Credit report question

My Chapter 7 bankruptcy was discharged in 2009 and didn't  keep my house (I moved out at that time).  I just checked my credit report and my loan has been transferred to Ocwen.  My credit report says discharged in chapter 7 bankruptcy but in the comments section it says forclosure proceedings started.  Can this be reported this way??? 



And yes after the 3 years they have never foreclosed. 

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If foreclosure proceedings were not started, then no, they cannot report that. You would have been notified if that was the case. Did you file a change of address when you moved? What became of the home? OWCEN is awful, I had an account with Litton that was paid off when we sold our house. Somehow, our paid off loan was transferred post BL to them, and even though I never once had OWCEN as a loan company, they still report 2 negatives on my credit. I have thought about sueing them, as I have even wrote letters directly to them with no reply. And they validate every dispute. They are hopeless. 

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