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Other than Gardening.Anything more can be done?

Hello Everyone.  This is my 1st time posting.  I have been a member here since 7/2012 and have logged more than 22 hrs reading posts & 1600+ posts read!.  I have learned so much from all of you.  Thank you Forums!!  

Now I think it is time to come of of hiding.


Some history:  I went through a BK7 & discharged 06/11.  (Miserable about this & had to bite the bullet)  Nothing in collections.  

Oldest acct - 13+ yrs  AAoA is showing 8 yrs. 9 baddies, youngest is from 2009. I believe 3 will fall off this year. 

I did not check my FICO after the BK.  I was too depressed, didn't need to go deeper. 

In 7/12, 1 yr later, I opened a Cap1 secured w/ $49.00 and got $200.CL. 

Checked my EQ at that point & was 648.  TU 639. 

In August 2012, I needed a car.(one month later)  ( I have one 2004 car loan paid with one 30 day late on my report)    That car died.  So reluctantly with this score in hand I found a deal on a used car (2yrs old) and got financed through Chase.  9% OUCH, on 17k   (I am laying in the bed)  I pay my $303.00 mo. & add $97. principal each month.  I pay 3 days prior to due date. 

My cap one, I pretend I don't have.  I pay for the services here at myFICO thru the card & auto pay.  I got a $100 cli a few months ago, I did not ask, it just appeared.  I am keeping my use to 7-10%.

I applied for a unsecured Cap1 last week, & approved for $1000.00.  It's in the mail.  Also last week I tried the web store CC trick. With VS.  I got a $500.00cl.  Good thing I love the store.

So I am gardening. 

Current Score is : EQ 684 (stayed the same this week) & TU 657. (dropped this week)

I will not apply for ANYTHING for the year. 

So my new best credit friends, what can I do to keep up & improve?  Should I write GW letters?  What do I say?  "My EX-husband of 18 yrs killed all the man cards I had opened???  Notice all the others were perfect?"   ... I own the problems.  They are accurate. 

The BK7 is there so is it even worth it to write letters?  I feel like I am in prison for the next  8 yrs 6mo.

Any advice is more than appricated!

BK ch7 filed 6/11 - Discharged 11/11
FICO EQ 648 TU 639 on 7/12
Current: EQ 703 TU 691 EX 675

Cap1Plat $4000. Cap1QS $3000. VS $1200. BarclaysVisa $8050. DiscoverIT $ 1000. Amazon 1200. Walmart 600.
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Re: Other than Gardening.Anything more can be done?

Anything that isn't IIB, I would dispute and say it was. I would just continue to garden your cards by paying in full each month or leave no more than 10%, and wait for the baddies to age and eventually fall off. That is what I did and is was a long road. You can try to goodwill them but it probably won't be free. If you are willing to pay a settlement of the debt before it was discharged, if they will delete, that's an option that could possibly move you to victory a little sooner.

Remember 90% is considered maxed out by lenders so I wouldn't charge more than 80% and then pay in full each month and you should be all good. Good luck! :-)
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