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Question About Account Reporting


Question About Account Reporting

My Chapter 7 was discharged on 10/16/2012.  I pulled Experian this morning and accounts read for JUN - OCT  “Debt included in or discharged through Bankruptcy Chapter 7” in payment status & FP (Failed to Pay) in the 24-Month Payment History.  Is this inaccurate reporting & hurting my fako score?

Starting Score: EQ 470 EX ?? TR 584 Chapter 7 filed 06/18/12 Trustee Mtg 08/16/12 Discharged 10/16/12
Current Score: EQ 470 EX ?? TR 501
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Re: Question About Account Reporting

I'm running into this after a chapter 13 discharge.

To complicate matters even more... my mortgage was sold twice during chapter 13 and all 3 mortgage creditors are showing FP for the same month.

My second mortgage is showing an FP (Failed to Pay) too but from a different month/year.

To top it all off I did not include either mortgage in my payment plan and never missed a payment. The FP's from the first mortgage is from Nov/2013 which is when I started my plan. The FP from my second happened on the month of the final payment to them.???


I called Experian to dispute and they said that they are not showing up as "30+ days Late" so everything is fine and that HP's do not see the FPs.

I don't trust this and doubt that it is not affecting my score Man Mad

Chapter13 filed 11/13 discharged 06/16
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