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Questions about budget for Chapter 13

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Questions about budget for Chapter 13

I started the process of filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy recently, by seeing an attorney. He gave me a budget sheet I'm supposed to fill out. The easy entries are just that, easy. Things like rent and utilities... but I'm stumped at what is a reasonable amount to put down for things such as "Gifts," "Clothing" and "Entertainment" I don't think I spend a lot on any of them but I don't want to put the wrong figure down, something that seems astronomical or something that seems too low, so that in the future I won't be able to afford it because of the plan I'm given.
Does anyone know what a reasonable amount is to fill in or how I can determine what a reasonable amount is, in comparison to my income?
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Re: Questions about budget for Chapter 13

We were told that our standard living expenses should be no more than 20% of  our net income. So after doing a bit of math, and we have a family of 4, it just averaged out to be $200.00 per person for food (groceries plus lunches) that we spent per month with our net income.
 Household items and supplies, we reported $100.00 per month (detergent, ect.) Clothing and laundry: $250.00 
 Personal care items/medical products, medications $100.00.
Easy way to this is add all net income, then multipy by .2
Good luck, pollyjuicegranny
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