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The post-bk rebuild long game begins

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Re: The post-bk rebuild long game begins

Thank You!  You're right.


My Exp is 619 TU 614 EQ 628 ON creditchecktotal.COM


I'll keep it for 7 days - Hopefully there is a discount offer soon.


Thanks again for that info - I thought CK was legit

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Re: The post-bk rebuild long game begins

Congrats on your rebuild!  Our BKs are similarily timed and it's nice to see your progess so far.  Keep up the good work!

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Filed BK7: 3/24/17 Discharged: 7/3/2017 (Starting scores | EQ: 493 | TU: 496 | EX: 441)
7/17/17 - EQ: 563 | TU: 549 | EX: 570
8/08/17 - EQ: 589 | TU: 630(!) | EX: 585
3/09/18 - EQ: 659 | TU: 680 | EX: 665
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Re: The post-bk rebuild long game begins


That's great Congratulations!


I have a question of my own - I filed Ch 7 September 2016 and it was discharged Dec 2016. Before it was discharged I was able to secure new car with Tide Water Motor credit for $543 a month, I recently refinanced that car with Capone AF for $424 a month. Since my BK I have applied for 1 credit that was a preapproval with first naitonal , my credit limit is $1500. I have tried preapprovals form other companes but I havent received any offers so far.....


My current score EXP 623 EQ 649 TU 560 - Does anyone knows why my TU score is so low? Before I filed for BK my TU score was always the highest one and ow it's the lowest. Also any suggestions on which CC I may be qualified for, I need some spending power because I was arrested for DUI in OCT 2017 and I spent most of my savings $5500 for an attorney+other fees thus I need some $$ avaialble in case something comes up until  I get my savings back up.


TU has dragged for me also (you can see my scores in the first post) and only recently begun to catch up. All three bureaus use FICO8 but their scoring models are slightly different, plus the banks/agencies report differently to the different bureaus sometimes. I'm sorry to hear about DUI, I know it can be hard to rebuild your life after that and I am glad you are doing your best to do so. I would really suggest starting a savings program in addition to the credit building, even $10/pay is something and you can do your best to build from there. So many of us, especially those of us with life challenges get into tough situations because we don't have the cash available when we need it - so try to help yourself for the future now.

As for the credit offers, check prequals at Cap1 and Discover for sure (if they are not favorable, just keep checking every couple/few weeks), and check any credit unions who are local to you - you can call or walk into a branch and ask about their secured or platinum (unsecured) cards. I have not yet met a CU who is not overly friendly and willing to help, BK or no. Ask them outright about the fact that you have recent BK and whether they will accept this when you apply. Also check out the BK friendly card thread for more recommendations and so you know which cards are no-gos in your initial rebuild. Best of luck on this St Patty's Day!

Ch7 discharged 10/2017. Pre-file FICOs high 400s.
02/2018 EX 644; EQ 665; TU 638
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Re: The post-bk rebuild long game begins


Help ease my mind re: inheritance after BK. 


BK7 filed 6/14/17.

DC 10/11/17.

Mom died 12/23/17. It's been... something (isn't family always complicated?) 

Life insurance benefit check received 2/10/18.


Everything I've read says 180 days post file and you are clear. 

I mean, NOLO is my go-to and they basically say I'm clear. 

6/14/17 + 180 days = 12/11/17.


I'm ok to deposit this, correct? It's going straight to savings. It's nearly two months' living expenses, and I only just started my savings account in earnest. 

I know you've already gotten this sorted out, but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for your loss. 

STARTING OVER. Hit a bump in the road with an unemployed hubby, 700s turned to 400s pretty quickly when we couldn't pay.
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Re: The post-bk rebuild long game begins

My Ch7 discharge is scheduled for 4/9/18.  Today I applied for a cap 1 secured card and was approved with a $99 secured deposit and $200.. I also applied and approved for a credit builder 12 month loan for $500. Watching and waiting for scores to improve.  










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