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Trying to refi

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Re: Trying to refi

karz65 wrote:

You have been a wealth of information SoulMaster.  I will definitely look into a good bk lawyer.  The one I had to help me file the bk7 wasn't really informative.  I suppose I could have asked more questions but i needed to know what to ask first.  And now that I am 2 years into this, I now know what I need to ask.

thank you for all of your help.

You don't necessarily want a BK lawyer, you want a Loan Modification / Real Estate attorney. (Note: Some, but not all BK attorneys are really good at mods, but ideally you want a full-service debt-relief law firm that does BK/SS/LMODS/DS).



I am not an attorney and none of what I write should be construed as legal advice. For legal advice please consult an attorney.

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Re: Trying to refi

oh ok..thank you very much.  

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