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Two accounts, same account #, listed as two different companys

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Two accounts, same account #, listed as two different companys

I am very upset right about now.  I logged into my Equifax report to dispute something when I noticed that my previous auto loan, which I filed BK on is listed twice on my report.  Once its listed under the right finance company.  I had previously disputed it because it wasnt showing that it was included in my BK and it showed as 30-60 days late.  Well thats still under investigation but now theres a complete seperate entry on my report from the new company name.  They changed their named and so now its showing on there twice.  Its the same account number , with the same open date, for the same amount.  The only difference is that it reported until April 2012 and I filed BK in January, went to court in Febuary.  They were informed that I had filed BK in January.  


My question is are they allowed to do that?  I disputed the account because I never had a account with the company its listed under.  In my details I put I had filed BK on that account and it was already listed on my report, only under a different name.


I havent checked my TU report or Experian yet.

01/10/09: - TransUnion: 500 / Equifax: 521, / Experian: 566
Filed BK 02/24/2012
06/06/2014: - Transunion:509 / Equifax:513 ,/ Experian: 551
07/28/2014: - Transunion:487 / Equifax:467 ,/ Experian: 574
08/04/2014: - Transunion:516 / Equifax:555 ,/ Experian: 584

07/25/2014: - Transunion:516 / Equifax:541 ,/ Experian: 574
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