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Wells Fargo not BK friendly

I'm 1 yr 5 mo. past Chpt 7 discharge with an Exp. score of 680. I have a student loan with Wells Fargo and have never been late in the 5 years I've been paying on it. I had a rewards card offer from Wells Fargo, applied for it  and was denied. Reason given was BK. Hate dinging my credit for that. It's the third credit app I've made since discharge.


I have a Barclays Card with 1900 limit obtained 1 year past discharge and also a $750 Capitol One card. 


Unfortunate as it is, the upside is I'm still better off with the BK.



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Re: Wells Fargo not BK friendly

Sorry to hear about Wells Fargo, but you should try to apply for a card from DCU (Digital Federal Credit Union). They are BK friendly. You can apply first and if you are approved, then you can apply for membership into the credit union. They pull Equifax.

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Re: Wells Fargo not BK friendly

You're right Wells Fargo is not bankruptcy friendly.  If this happened to me, I think I would go to my local Wells Fargo branch to talk to the branch manager about the decline. Since you have a loan with them that has 5 years of payment history, you may have a chance. A phone call or two to their credit department maybe of some help. 


Give it a try.What do you have to lose??


If they still decline your application, you should try a credit union.

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Re: Wells Fargo not BK friendly

Agreed! Asking for a recon can't hurt. You never know, maybe their electronic decision auto declined for BK but a underwriter/credit analyst could over ride it?
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Re: Wells Fargo not BK friendly

Maybe they are not BK friendly on the credit card side but I got an auto loan through them at 5.9% just a little over 2yrs post bk7. My scores at the time were in the 650-660 range per the loan officer. I also did not have any WF accounts IIB.

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Re: Wells Fargo not BK friendly

I can 100% attest to Digital Credit Union. They just refinanced my auto loan I had through wells fargo. I was mistaken I had 6.9 through wells fargo. Digital just refinanced me at 2.49%. They also gave me a 3k credit card at 11.9%. For sure they are bk friendly... at least for me a the 3yr post bk mark.

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