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creditor reposted derog on my credit AFTER ch7??? thoughts?

Hi long story short,


had a real estate loan 80/20 with Saxon/Ocwen since 05

house plummeted in value bought for 480k currently worth 213k


Household income went down approx 10k a few years ago and it took 2 years but we finally got Saxon to do loan mod ... first loan from 2831 to 1831 ... we agreed .. everything notorized on both sides everything was fine for 2 years!


However, SAXON DID NOT EVER correct our credit reports ... they kept saying we are swamped ..we will get to it just have patience . mind you it took 2 years to get the loan mod done ..and then this is 2 years AFTER it had been done ... WE WERE NEVER LATE .... my credit was damaged terribly ... score 755 down to 530's .... i finally had enough and I bk'd ... Ch7 ....


I have since then started rebuilding credit ... 1 orchard card 300 lim and then shortly afterwards a Barclays card 1250 .... after about 6 months since bk I pulled my scores and noted that my scores plummeted again!  I then noted that OCWEN (the second mort who was also included in BK) had began reporting me 120 days late for the past two months!!!


I thought this was illegal?   Is there anything I can do to these scumbags?  I disputed it on Experian and they changed the reporting to included in Bk and my score went up immediately about 40pts ...


To make matters worse Saxon decided to tell me that i was 2 months down on mortgage (I am current and have all records) so they would not let me make my current payment saying that it would be divided up to pay fees/penalties for the "missing" payments and anything left would be applied to the oldest outstanding payment!  What the heck!


They asked for proof and I provided it and they said our bank statements were inconclusive that we are still late 3 payments!  OMG ... they are proceeding with forclosure now .... if this is not totally illegal!   If i was not 250k upside down I would try and help my fiance save this house but you talk about Saxon and Ocwen being completely theives!  I wish someone could take these guys to court and make an example of them!


Sorry for venting ...



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Re: creditor reposted derog on my credit AFTER ch7??? thoughts?

That sounds horrible. I don't have any advice other than getting a lawyer.


Good luck!!!!!

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Re: creditor reposted derog on my credit AFTER ch7??? thoughts?

Have you sent a RESPA letter to Ocwen?

Search for a good one...I have one at aother site I visit if you want to pm me for the site.

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Re: creditor reposted derog on my credit AFTER ch7??? thoughts?

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What state are you in?  I would go immediately to my state Attorney General, this is foreclosure abuse similar to what cost the big 5 servicers $20 billion...


It might also interest a consumer attorney on a contingent fee basis...

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Re: creditor reposted derog on my credit AFTER ch7??? thoughts?


contact the Better Business Bureau and the FTC to file complaints.     Also look around for a mortgage regulator in your state or in the state office  and file a complaint with them. 

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Re: creditor reposted derog on my credit AFTER ch7??? thoughts?

Hi granny!


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