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filed Ch7 yesterday

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filed Ch7 yesterday

So, since I filed my chapter 7 yesterday......I'm obviously really nervous leading up to the trustee meeting.


Anything I can do pre-discharge to start prepping myself for recovery?  Obviously I won't be applying for credit or anything of that nature to post discharge but just sitting here waiting will drive me crazy.....I want to hit the ground running...


Any insight?


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Re: filed Ch7 yesterday

If you just filed in a month or so, all of your accounts should show IIB. I would make sure that has taken place. After your trustee meeting I would do the Capital One Pre-Approval process. It does not affect your score. If it says you are Pre-Approved for an offer, NOT "We could not find your offer , but these cards may interest you", then apply and you should be approved. If you do not get pre approved by Capital One, then I would check Credit One or First Premier but not both. It is like paying for credit but you have to start somewhere.

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Re: filed Ch7 yesterday

its a scarey thing going through BK. I got discharged in may of this year. I had never filed before but I had a good lawyer who walked me through everything. I got a car loan 2 days after my discharge. got a.pretty reasonable rate on my car loan. I have 2 small personal loans and I just got approved for a Capital one secured card. waiting on them to mail it to me. I'm slowly building my credit back up. I have two major bad things keeping my scores down, that couldn't be filed in my BK. but the best advise I can give is try to be patient and build your credit back up wisely. I've been reading these forums here since 09 and they are filled with really valuable advise.
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Re: filed Ch7 yesterday

i filed for ch7 for the first time in 8/09. everything about it scared me. especially the trustee meeting. i had nightmares and so much anxiety leading all the way up to the day of the meeting. it turned out to not be as bad as i had imagined. i knew i wanted to hit the ground running with rebuilding my credit because it was in the toilet. i heard of some people apping for cards before discharge but i absolutely did not want to give the trustee a reason not to close out my case, so i waited.


as soon as i got my discharge papers, i apped for (2) cards. orchard and credit one. i also opted out because i didn't want any junk mail about fresh start. and i froze all 3 credit reports. i had the bad experience of a collection agency hitting my credit reports with hard pulls and accounts like i was applying to them for credit.(bk ultimately took care of that problem) i froze and unfroze my reports as needed over that last couple of years and got scorewatch and credit monitoring so i could constantly check my reports for anything and everything. i wanted to become a homeowner again so i wanted to prepare myself ahead of time. hope that helps!

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