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"Status as of" Reporting BK Accounts after Filling

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"Status as of" Reporting BK Accounts after Filling



I have two CC accounts that are still being updated (the "Status as of") after my 2006/June Brankruptcy with Transunion.  One shows being closed 2011/Feb and the other shows as being opend but both have a Discription of being against "Chapter 7 bankruptcy".  These accounts are Lowes and Wells Fargo cards.


Since these are being updated each month, my Transuion has this listed as my number 2 reason for my bad score, "You recently missed a payment or had a derogatory indicator reported on your credit report".  These are the only two accounts that are "recently" derogatory.  I have not missed a payment on any other account (house, car, or opened CC) since I filed back in June 2006 for Bankruptcy.


My other CC/Loan accounts are showing a "Status as of" and "Closed" at or very near my BK Filling date of 2006/June.  Should Lowes and Wells Fargo be updating my Transunion report since they were included in my 2006/June BK?  I called Tansunion about the closed dates being incorrect and dispurted them but they told me I have to talk to CC about sending in "Status as of" data.  Are CC allowed to send in "Status as of" data or should that have stopped on 2006/June filling?

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