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Business credit adventure

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Business credit adventure

Never really thought about business credit the way you all do here.  I'll tell you my 50 day adventure so far.



  • company established in 2012 but as sole-prop
  • converted at beginning of 2017 to LLC -- 2 members -- (on secretary of state registered, active, and in good standing)
  • property management and transportation
  • had a very thin D&B already established with only 1 trade reporting (albeit $10,000 and recent)
  • had a very thin Experian already established with 2 accounts reporting (old closed accounts)
  • had a very thin Equifax already established with 1 account reporting (old closed account)

Since I started this adventure around March 25, 2017 we have obtained the following accounts (without PG):


Net30 Accounts

  1. MSC Industrial (Net30) - $1,000 (probably won't order much more from them)
  2. Quill (Net30) - $1,000 (I actually use Quill every other week.  Their catalog is quite impressive.)
  3. Grainger (Net30) - $1,000 (started to use them for painting supplies although I now have Sherwin-Williams)
  4. FedEx Office Commercial (Net30) - No Limit (have not yet used them)
  5. Uline (Net30) - $1,000 (used them once, but I like Quill better -- don't tell Uline)
  6. SupplyWorks HD (Net30) - $1,000 (I am working on esbalishing with these guys, I like them for general supplies; they have a agreement with Home Depot for charging)
  7. Strategic Network Solutions (Net30) - $1,500 (just used as a credit builder)
  8. Sherwin-Williams PRO Commercial (Monthly/20th) - $2,500 (have some major jobs to do and will likely use this account over Home Depot)
  9. Sunbelt Rentals (Net30) - $25,000 (may need to rent equipment for upcoming work)
  10. Home Depot Commercial (Net60) - $1,000 (have already put through $650 and paid $350 of this; obtained Net60 by joining fuel rewards)
  11. CNRG Voyager Fleet (Net10) - $600 (have been using this but may start just using Shell/Exxon???)

Installment/Lease Accounts

  1. CIT Direct Capital (Apple Financing) - $12,500 (purchased some Apple equipment on 24 month lease)


  1. Shell Small Business - $1,000 (may become primary fuel card)
  2. Exxon-Mobil Business Card - $1,000 (will likely be back fuel card)
  3. Sunoco Corporate Card - $1,000 (Citi said yes, so it's now part of my credit portfolio)

Can't (won't) use it all, but my the credit lines add up to $52,100.  I attempted NewEgg, several revolving card (Home Depot, Lowes AR), Amazon, and WalMart.  Synchrony does not like me at all.  Citibank and CIT Bank have been the most friendly.  I believe that the seasoning has helped.  (One of the applications actually checked my bank rating and I was deined.  I never really thought about keeping $10K in one account but that's my next goal.)


Excluding Sunbelt that's around $27K of credit.  I do not know where each of these report.  I hope to learn that over the next 30-90 days.



Re: Business credit adventure

Good job.  After reading your post, I started my own business credit adventure as well and just yesterday was approved for Amazon Net 55, Office Depot and Quill!  I am waiting to hear back from Exxon and Walmart.

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Re: Business credit adventure

I had applied for Staples Commercial and they denied me.  They sent a letter with an explanation and it was that they couldn't verify the phone number.   I called them back and they had me send a copy of the company phone bill.  I sent that and called them back and they approved for $500 over the phone.  So add Staples Commercial and More (Net30) to the list)


I now have 8 trade lines reporting to Experian with an Experience Score of 96.  My D&B only has 3 trades reporting (at least one is $10K) with no PayDex score  My Equifax profile has 4 lines reporting but no score.

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Re: Business credit adventure

Okay, today I receive an alert from Smart Business Reports that my score dropped "significantly" so I looked.   It dropped from 96 to 89 because one of my credit cards current balance is close to the previous high balance. 


So that's an interesting learning experience for me.  Since they are only reporting the "high" credit and not the credit limit, I will probably need to charge it all the way up, then keep the balance reporting low. 


A score of 96 is quite high and I don't know why I had such a high score.  I'd like to stay in the 80s.

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Re: Business credit adventure

I just logged on to Nav and can see that I now have a D&B Paydex score.   My Paydex is 80. 

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Re: Business credit adventure

Okay, so here's the latest.


I recieved a pre-selected offer from BB&T for a Business Signature VISA, which required a trip to the bank.  I took the trip to the bank this morning and applied.  I will know in a few days but I don't suspect that I'll be approved.


I was perusing the forum and saw a post on the Amazon Net55 NoPG.  So I pulled the trigger for that card and just received an instant approval.  The last time I applied I was denied.  I think I have applied at least 3 times in the past, so the 4th time is a charm?  It was $4,000 and instant.  Crazy.  My Experian Business Score is 81 and my D&B Score is 79.



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Re: Business credit adventure

Nice Build! Good info. Thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: Business credit adventure

awesome info - thanks for sharing Smiley Happy will save this 

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Re: Business credit adventure

I was declined for the Business VISA due to too many recent inquiries.  Oh well.  So, for some reason I thought that I could get a better fleet card than the Shell, Exxon, and Sunoco cards that I have.  I applied for Conoco Philips, which denied me before, and that was approved for $1,000.  I then got "excited" -- I suppose -- and applied for the Speedway and the Racetrac fleet cards.  I was approved for both.  Each was approved at $4,000.


So that's $11K in new business credit in the last 2 weeks.  My D&B Paydex is 79 (will likely be over 80 in a month as I'm paying things as soon as they are invoiced), and my Equifax is 81.  I'm going into a business credit gardening period until May 2018.