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Chase Ink Preferred Approval

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Chase Ink Preferred Approval

First time poster here, but long time lurker.  Have definitely learned a thing or 2 from this community, and have greatly improved my card portfolio and scores thanks to all the input here.  Kudos to all the contributors! 


I applied yesterday for the Chase Ink Preferred card.  Received the instant 30-day decision message.  Scores in mid 700s, s-corp, 10 years in business. Called the app status number today and was approved for $20k CL!!  Now I have to spend $5k in 3 months to get the 80k bonus!


I'm very excited to add this card to my business portfolio, alongside AMEX Business Platinum and Plum cards.  AMEX is awesome and I love them, but some of our vendors dont accept so I've had to use my CSR to earn points (and thus the balance lists on my credit report..) or charge the business checking account and get no rewards. The Ink definitely eliminates this going forward! I also love that I can share the Ultimate rewards between both the Ink and CSR accounts! 


Should I app for the Ink cash too when there's a good bonus? if so, when would be a good time to apply?  I'm at 3/24 with the Ink now. Also, any advice on raising the CL with the Ink would be appreciated.  I'm not sure how Chase works but I have had a lot of luck with auto CLI on the Barclays every 6 months or so. 


My wallet:

Chase Sapphire Reserve - $16k CL

Barclays Arrival + World Elite - $11.5 CL

Barclays Aviator Silver World - $9,750 CL

Barclays Rewards - $500 CL (emergency card)

Citi Diamond Preferred - $8k CL

BofA Cash rewards - $5,400 CL

AMEX Platinum Business - NPSL

AMEX Plum Business - NPSL

Chase Ink Preferred - $20k CL

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Re: Chase Ink Preferred Approval

Very nice pickup. Awesome SUB.

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Re: Chase Ink Preferred Approval

Very Nice! 


and I'm a little jealous. Got bit by 5/24 when I applied. 

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