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Inquiry Weeks After Application?

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Inquiry Weeks After Application?

So i applied for a Chase Ink in early april after getting a pre-approval a while ago while in the branch. I ddint apply on the spot, but i researched the card and decided i wanted it. I applied online and got a "We'll let you know in 10 days" message.


I waited, check app status and just said "under review" then got a letter in the mail saying i have "too many accounts". I had just opened a business checking and savings and already have a personal checking and chase freedon card.


It was late and phone wasnt an option so i did a online secure message asking if that was an "auto decline" type of thing since i was never hit with an inquiry for the application - just a letter saying too many accounts.


I got a response back on the 24th and they said "I have forwarded your request for reconsideration to our business dept."....which sorta made me weirded out becuase i ddint explicitly ask for reconsideration, just if its actually an auto-decline or if someone genuinely thought i had too many accounts with Chase.


Anyway, today, almost a month later i finally get hit with a hard inquiry on Transunion...? They pull Experian around here from what i can tell so that was really weird. Is this some kind of reconsideration thing and they NOW pulled a hard report? I called the status line and it still says status pending...weird?


What should i make of this?

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Re: Inquiry Weeks After Application?

If you get approved, then hey you expect a hit...if you ultimately do not get approved, then you should have expected a hit anyways...either which way you slice it, you should be expecting a hit...only now you may actually be rewarded for it.  Think positive...

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Re: Inquiry Weeks After Application?

Transunion seems to be very slooooooooooow when it comes to hard inquiries. I applied for a Discover/AMEX cards in late February and the INQs didn't hit my report til a week or two ago.

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Re: Inquiry Weeks After Application?

what is the best number to call to ask about this?


Chase: 888-270-2127 (App recon)
Chase: 888-245-0625 (Credit Analyst - Recons)

Chase: 888-622-7547 (Chase Executive Ofc. in IL)





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Re: Inquiry Weeks After Application?

called credit analyst - recons and they said they dont deal with business accounts....

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