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Small business credit cards with very low spend

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Small business credit cards with very low spend

So, I own a business that I run on the side that has very low expenses. (By "low" I mean I can put $200 a month or so at most on the card; the rest is ACH only and I'm not even sure that I'm allowed to pay multiple months in advance for the card-eligible expenses in order to be able to get any signup bonuses.) It's also run as a sole proprietorship, not a LLC or corporaton. My initial thought was to get the Ink Cash since:


a) I already have a sizeable UR balance.

b) The business' bank account is with Chase.

c) The expenses above may fall under Ink Cash's 5% categories.


However, it seems kind of a waste to not get the bonus for that card, even if it's only 30,000 points/$300 cash back. I'm also uncomfortable with using business cards for personal spend because a) it's technically against at least Chase's terms and conditions and b) it'll make tax time a real hassle.


Anyway, thoughts on a decent card that's worthwhile for my situation? I'm willing to accept cash back instead of flexible points/travel rewards if that'll help as long as it means I don't have to use the business' debit card for those expenses anymore. Cat Very Happy

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Re: Small business credit cards with very low spend

I think a good way to look at it is do you think you'll use the Ink for a bonus ever in the future?  If the answer is no then you're not really losing out.  The card/bank are awesome and seems to fit what you are looking for.  I see what you're saying though.


I don't have any business cards yet so can't chime in from experience, but Amex Blue for Business came up on a quick search, might be worth checking out.

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Re: Small business credit cards with very low spend

I agree that Ink from chase fits your bill. But you can also consider Capital one Spark for business.
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Re: Small business credit cards with very low spend

I looked up the MCC for the major expense I'd be putting on this card and it looks like it probably won't fall under Ink's 5% category. Cat Sad


Anyway, I read up on Blue for Business too and it'd effectively be 1.3x (1x at charge time and a 30% bonus every year) in the form of MR points. I happen to have a balance of those too thanks to the bonus points for the PRG. Cat Very Happy Alternatively, if I can prepay multiple months in advance, the Citi AAdvantage business card or the Alaska Airlines card might be a possibility too; the minimum spend on those is only $1,000 IIRC. Of course, both have AFs that may not be all that justifiable for a business with such low expenses.

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