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Uline Net 30 Question

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Uline Net 30 Question

just ordered on the net30 credit.  Im new to business credit, am I to just pay off the next day or wait a period of time? Also How often do I need to buy stuff from them? 

Frankly their stuff is overpriced but worth while i suppose to get my foot in the door lol

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Re: Uline Net 30 Question

Pay it off 10-20 days after you receive your order. Order at least $50.00 worth of product(s) not including shipping cost.

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Re: Uline Net 30 Question

Based on some annecdotal notes I took down one time when I was considering starting a buisness, the rough scoring model for payments is something like:


- Early: 100

- Early w/in discount period: 90

- On-time (last day of terms): 80

- 14 days after terms: 70


and it goes down from there. I don't know if that's exact but I definitely agree that 10-20 days will likely land you in that sweet spot for a 100. 

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Re: Uline Net 30 Question

based upon some real world experience

if you are paying at any time other than late on accounts that report to DNB, you will have an 80

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Re: Uline Net 30 Question

Is $50 threshold a Uline thing or a Credit Reporting Agency thing? Thanks.
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