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76 gas card !

So read that GE took over the 76/ Conoco/ 66 gas cards from Citi. I use to have Phillips 66 gas card few years ago, but citi closed it for reason. Anyway..I have those stations on every block, and I prefer to use my gas card at the pump than my major cards for some reason.... Approved instantly online for $300....excited:smileyhappy: 

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Re: 76 gas card !

Grats :smileyhappy:

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Re: 76 gas card !

Congrats! I will get this card in a year or so Iv applied 4 times! and nothing so yes I will re-try. 76 gas is great and there are quite a few here in socal as well. Enjoy!

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Re: 76 gas card !


Grow little seedling grow.

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Re: 76 gas card !

Congrats! Thanks for sharing.

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Re: 76 gas card !


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Re: 76 gas card !

Congrats!!! :smileyhappy:

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Re: 76 gas card !

Grats Pizza1 !!!


I had this card a while back, when Citi was running it, but for some reason, all the stations started closing around here, when it got down to only one station it was too inconvenient for me to keep, so I closed the account..   NOW BP is all over the place.  I had considered a BP visa, but I like the rewards better with my other cards, due to the cashback, vs just gasback..

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Re: 76 gas card !

Very nice~ Congratulations!

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Re: 76 gas card !

Congrats on the new approval!

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