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Decided to go apping and got approved for the Barclays NFL Extra Points Credit Card. Didn't need any new accounts but since i have no HP's on TU i thought what the hell. $400 statement credit after spending $1000 in 90 days. First ever MasterCard and first time dealing with BarClays. 


I hope they upgrade the site soon because it's by far the worst designed website i've seen.


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Re: Approved!

congrats to u!

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Re: Approved!

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wallyworld123 wrote:

congrats to u!

Thank you Wally!

~~In my wallet: Best Buy $7500, Dell Preferred $5500, Discover IT $4000, Chase Freedom $3500, Barclays NFL Extra Points $3300, Sears $2800, Bill Me Later $2100, CapOne Platinum $2000, Kohls $1500, Target $200
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Re: Approved!

Congrats on approval.......

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Re: Approved!


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Re: Approved!

First of all, Congrats Mike!


Is this still going?  I did a google search and some of the results were outdated, but I did find a link from what's generally a coupon site (in my eyes at least lol) that mentioned it... However buried in the T&C was the line "The information contained in these disclosures is accurate as of 9/14/2012 and may change after this date."


The section in the T&C also made it seem like balance transfers counted towards the $1000 spending requirement, unless I misunderstood.


It's really tempting (if I could get approved, preferably for $1000+) but I'm not sure if I would or not.  All my inquiries are 6+ months old, 3 on each report, no derogs in over 5 years, my TU from here is 700+...  I was thinking about applying for the Apple card in November after my util drops a little (probably shows around 18% right now) so I could do some Christmas shopping interest free, but if I could get this card with the sign up bonus and a limit high enough for the items I was planning to get, then that would work even better.  Even with the highest interest terms and a much slower pay off rate than I'd actually schedule, I'd still be getting a really good benefit from the card.


Even if the limit was under $1000, I could do BTs until I hit $1000 if I needed to and then respond to my FNBO pre-approval to take advantage of their 0% intro rate for the Apple purchase if needed.


Oh the temptation!

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Re: Approved!

Congrats! Seems like a good offer :smileyhappy:

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Re: Approved!

Congrats! What credit limit did you get? Is the 400/1,000 offer still available?
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Re: Approved!


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Re: Approved!


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