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Re: Barclay CLI from 5k-10k

AWESOME!  Can you share your scores from April and now?

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Re: Barclay CLI from 5k-10k

That's awesome news hear great things of barclaycard one question who do they pull from anyway ?:smileywink:
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Re: Barclay CLI from 5k-10k

Usually pull TU@ready13!
Was it a hard pull?!?
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Re: Barclay CLI from 5k-10k

Always a HP

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Re: Barclay CLI **bleep**


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Re: Barclay CLI **bleep**

Congrats!! I love the Ring!!

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Re: Barclay CLI **bleep**

wow that's a sweet CL. congrats!

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Re: Barclay CLI from 5k-10k

[ Edited ]

Congrats. I just received my Ring a few weeks ago and I am at 4.5K. I hope it increase to 10K soon without a HP.

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