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Capital One auto CLI for $1,500!!!

I am new to the board and I am just rebuilding credit. I was approved for the Cap1 Mastercard in June. The limit was $300. I have had two statements so far and PIF. I called to to add an AU and found out the limit was increased to $1,800! I didn't even know. The rep said the increase happened two days ago.


When I got the card I was told I had to make 6 payments to be eligible for an increase. This is soooo unexpected.  I thought it was a mistake. I have read that they are not big on CLI.  I'm so glad to be making progress.  Thanks everyone.



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Re: Capital One auto CLI for $1,500!!!

It's part of the credit steps program but congratulations! Any CLI is good and always welcomed!

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Re: Capital One auto CLI for $1,500!!!

If you got the card in June, December would be 6 months. ...Congrats!

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Re: Capital One auto CLI for $1,500!!!

great job!!!

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Re: Capital One auto CLI for $1,500!!!


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Re: Capital One auto CLI for $1,500!!!

Congrats! I'm seeing a lot of posts like this. It makes me wonder if they're reading the forum and thinking maybe those people are right lets change. I  hope so! Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Capital One auto CLI for $1,500!!!

Congrats. Cap 1 seems a lot more generous these days.

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Re: Capital One auto CLI for $1,500!!!

That is awesome!

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Re: Capital One auto CLI for $1,500!!!

that's a very nice CLI, Congrats!

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