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Citibank - Approval

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I was approved with 2 new inquiries (as in last 45 days new) a total of no more than 5 on each report (as some inquiries were pulled on multiple bureaus for same thing...)..initially approved with $1300 credit line, cli to $3000 upon activation. my info? $25,400 annual income, 718 EQ/ 764 TU FICO, 1yr AAOA, longest account a little over 2 yrs, no lates/collections/ BK....other lines of credit? US Bank Platinum ($2500), US Bank FlexPerks ($2500), Discover More ($5700), Capital One ($1500), HH Gregg ($3500), HSN ($1150), PayPal Smart Connect ($1800), Chase Slate ($500) , and now.. Citi Simplicity ($3000)

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Re: Citibank - Approval


AMEX BCE: 5k; Barclay Apple: 2.5k; BoA CB: 3k; BoA BBR 4.2k; BoA Travel: 8k; Chase Sapphire: 5k; Chase Freedom: 6k; Citi Diamond: 3k; Discover IT: 9k

June 2013 FICOs: TU: 763; EX: 754; EQ: 764 (was 747 9/2012). Last app 2/20/2014 Garden until 3/2015
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Re: Citibank - Approval

Congarts job well done 

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Cap1 EO link below
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