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Discover approval :)

Well I was supposed to be in the garden till 2014 :smileyhappy: but I couldn't resist the offer. Of the 5% cash back and stuff stuff lol. So either way I when to the website decide it to apply for it and it was approved small limit 750 but I'm happy cuz now I'm on the door with discover :smileyhappy: I have enough store n credit cards next app spree will be better I'm sure :smileyhappy:
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Re: Discover approval :)

congrats! who did they pull? 

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Re: Discover approval :)

Tran92 wrote:

congrats! who did they pull? 

they tend to pull TU and/or EQ from what i heard, they pulled both of those in my case when i was approved.

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Re: Discover approval :)


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Re: Discover approval :)

Congratulations!!  I just applied for their card too, like 2 days ago and was declined :smileymad:   They cited too many inqs(10) with a 720 fico from TU.  I'm just amazed how I've never been able in my whole life to aquire a Discover.   I plan on a recon!!  :smileysurprised: within 30 days.   Unfortunately, I pulled the trigger -- knowing about my inq's and shot a blank.



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Re: Discover approval :)

Congrats on the approval!

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Re: Discover approval :)



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Re: Discover approval :)

Congrats! :smileywink:

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Re: Discover approval :)



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Re: Discover approval :)

They pull transunion :smileyhappy:. Score 720. But it's a thin **bleep**

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