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Re: Discover it Approval

Congrats :smileyhappy:
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Re: Discover it Approval

shyeviolett wrote:

Congrats! I just got approved today :smileyvery-happy:

Just got mine yesterday (4 days after approval).  It is a neat looking card.  But, the most impressed I have been in years of talking to any type of customer service is when I called to activate IT.  Pure English and wanted to make sure I knew how the rewards sytem worked and that they are there 24 hours a day for any assistance.

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Re: Discover it Approval

Congrats on the approval!

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Re: Discover it Approval

quick tip: discover has 5% cashback at best buy if you order online (from discover website). I always order online and choose store pickup, thats almost the same as buying from store but gets me 5% back.

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Re: Discover it Approval

SpecFile wrote:
Approved for this beauty a few weeks ago. They pulled Equifax which was a 671. $1,500 CL and 20.99% APR. I was declined by Discover this time last year and decided to try again. Got the 30 day message and they called me the very next day. Chatted with a CSR for a minute or two and was welcomed to the family!! APR is not the most desirable but I'm sure I'll be able to get that worked down over time.

Question...did you have any baddies? I have a 677 but have three baddies, a C/O and two paid collections from 2006. I was denied last year with a score of 671 and more baddies....I was wondering if I had a chance in hell? lol.

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Re: Discover it Approval

Yes I did. I am 4 years out of BK. Nothing bad since!

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Re: Discover it Approval

Thanks for the tip on Best Buy!!

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