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JCPenny Approved

Just app in store got $500 CL I'm excited ill just buy all daughter school clothes and pay it off!!!!
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Re: JCPenny Approved

Way to go! It will eventually help your score.

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Re: JCPenny Approved


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Re: JCPenny Approved

Awesome how you're going to use it for your daughters school clothing. Congrats!

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Re: JCPenny Approved


By the way... JCP now sends coupons similar to Macy's - I get them via text. Every little bit helps. : smileywink:
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Re: JCPenny Approved

Word of advice, pay it off before the bill cuts, this way it shows on the CR as a $0 balance. Wait 91 days after opening and use the LUV button on GE's website. You will get an increase.

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Re: JCPenny Approved

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09Lexie wrote:

By the way... JCP now sends coupons similar to Macy's - I get them via text. Every little bit helps. : smileywink:

OP, Congrats! Not to mention, we also have a rewards program! So not only do you receive public coupons like lexie mentioned, you will also receive:


- a $10 rewards coupon when your card comes in the mail

- exclusive jcp CC holders only coupons (usually one-time use coupons, such as $10 off of $10)

- exclusive jcp CC holders promos (like this weekend, which you probably benefitted from! 20% for using your jcp card!)

- a $10 reward coupon for your birthday month

- special financing offers (they have them on fine jewelry, window treatments, furniture, and mattresses, 0% for 12 months on certain minimum spends. right now i'm using it on this nice new queen bed i'm currently lounging on! furniture and mattresses i believe are $1000 or more)




essentially everytime you use your card, you gain 10% "rewards". every $100 you spend per month, you earn a $10 reward coupon, on up to $1,000 of spending! that's up to $100 coupons per MONTH! rewards will be sent to you through the mail, redeemable for the next month. or, if you go to, you can have the rewards sent to your e-mail and phone! also helps you keep track of your monthly spending on the card, and occasionally offer sweepstakes. so remember that bed i mentioned I bought? i'm guaranteed $100 worth of coupons this month, and am likely gonna use them to get an area rug for FREE! (or close to free!)


honestly, i can't think of a better store card rewards-wise (and i'm not just saying that because i work for the store!) so enjoy it and reap the rewards!

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Re: JCPenny Approved

Banana REP and Old Navy have some good rewards too. For every 1000 points, you get a 10$ voucher. You can instantly get 2500 bonus points if you sign up for paperless statement, email promotions, and other store promotions. It's a one time thing but that's 20$ worth of free merchandise.


I have the JCP card and the coupons are non stop. 20% off, or save 25$ off your next 100$ purchase and this and that. I like JCP because the prices are reasonable, not like MACYS (have that card too) where a damn polo shirt is 85$ and that's AFTER clearance LOL.

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Re: JCPenny Approved


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Re: JCPenny Approved

Congrats and listen to these wise people about maximizing your coupons. No reason to spend money you don't need to.

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