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Re: The FICO Gods answered my prayers----US Bank Cash +, baby!!!!!!!!

I may have to open an account sometime as well and then try for the Cash+ next year. I'm pretty fortunate to have US Bank, BoA, Chase, Wells Fargo, and many local banks/CUs call within like 2mi of me.
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Re: The FICO Gods answered my prayers----US Bank Cash +, baby!!!!!!!!

By the way, remember to NOT cash out the rewards on the Cash+ card until you can cash out $100 in order to get the once a year $25 bonus. 

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Re: The FICO Gods answered my prayers----US Bank Cash +, baby!!!!!!!!

Congratz OP be glad when i can finally PC to it I've been trying for a while now.... sigh... Got my Platinum to a $5K limit so now i hope within the next 6 months i perhaps get an offer to PC it to the Cash+ its one of my list cards.... along with the SM ..... 

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Re: The FICO Gods answered my prayers----US Bank Cash +, baby!!!!!!!!

Dw4250 wrote:

So I went on a major app spree back in March.  Took 7 INQ and added 6 new TL.  I swore myself into the garden until the Summer of 2015 (when my last baddie falls off, and I plan to apply for a mortgage).  I was super happy about all of my cards and have gotten use out of all of them, save one....US Bank Platinum.  It doesn't give any rewards, and has a low CL ($1K).  I "graduated" to it from the US Bank secured, and figured I'd hang on to it.  After my mortgage goes through next year, the plan was to try to PC it to the Cash +.  I love the Cash + rewards, and is really the only card I want to complete my portfolio.  But I had no plans to try until next year....


Fast forward to today...I had to deposit a check at the bank, so hit the US Bank drive-thru.  The teller takes my check and informs me I have a US Platinum card and it does not give me any rewards (duh I know...I hate!).  She said it looks like I qualify for one of their cash back rewards cards, and if I wanted to upgrade, she could run it through.  I said sure why not ,thinking I'd get rejected (due to all the recent INQ and TL).  She comes back a minute later and said:


"Congratulations!  You've been approved for our US Bank Cash + card.".


She wrote the new limit down on the envelope.  $ head is still spinning!  I asked her twice if she's sure it's the Cash +, and not the Cash Rewards, and she said she's absolutely sure.  It's the 5%, 2% card.  In my excitement, I forgot to ask her two things:  


1).  If this will be an HP...which I'm sure it is

2). If it will be a brand new TL, or a PC.


I don't really care...I'm super excited either way.


Great way to start a weekend! 


OK, back to the garden...this time it's for real :smileywink:



Congrats on your approval :smileyhappy: awesome card

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Re: The FICO Gods answered my prayers----US Bank Cash +, baby!!!!!!!!

Congrats. That's the only card out there still that I want.

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