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Yay Me!!!!!

I just got a call from BoA to verify my info....she approved me afterwards!!!! I have 2 secured cc....I'm on my way to rebuilding my credit.

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Re: Yay Me!!!!!

Nice going :smileyhappy:
I hope boa is good with you in the future and good luck in the rebuilding process.
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Re: Yay Me!!!!!

Congrats! I've heard that BofA graduates their secured cards to unsecured after a year of responsible usage.

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Re: Yay Me!!!!!


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Re: Yay Me!!!!!


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Re: Yay Me!!!!!



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Re: Yay Me!!!!!

Good for you! I'd say you are well on your way to much better things!


Take care of those cards...  :smileyhappy:


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Re: Yay Me!!!!!


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Re: Yay Me!!!!!


Staying in the garden.. at least till Dec 2013 ?
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Re: Yay Me!!!!!

Nice going, Congrats!

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