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amex recon Successful

It is possible.  Was told to fax in, sent basic letter, no begging just thanking them for taking the time to reconsider, and copy of credit report.  Took about 5 business days then got the email saying I was approved.  First amex by the way so was very excited.  standard gold card.

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Re: amex recon Successful


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Re: amex recon Successful

That's great, Congrats!

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Re: amex recon Successful


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Re: amex recon Successful

Congrats on the approval

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Re: amex recon Successful

What were their reasons for denial???

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Re: amex recon Successful

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Re: amex recon Successful

CONGRATULATIONS!  Welcome to the Amex Family.

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Re: amex recon Successful

Congrats! AMEX is pretty awesome!

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Re: amex recon Successful

What product and your score ??

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