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Amex BCE

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Amex BCE

I checked their prequal and did not get any offers back.  Does Amex typically SP EX for the preapprovals?

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Re: Amex BCE

I'm not sure on the SP, but I know the HP for me was EX.  I also had them come back with offers for multiple cards.  

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Re: Amex BCE

What was your EX score at the time? 

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Re: Amex BCE

It's pretty reasonable if they SP Experian for promotional offers given that they mostly use EX for credit desicions. However, they do also SP TransUnion.

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Re: Amex BCE

When Amex SP, are they pulling a current score? 

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Re: Amex BCE

Do you have any Amex credit cards already or would this be a first card?


I have no Amex cards and no prequalifications ever.  But my EX FICO8 was 710 so I cold apped for BCP and was instantly approved for $2000, and CLI to $6000 61 days later.


If your EX FICO8 is decent, just cold app.


Also, I had tons of new accounts and inquiries, still approved with an average FICO score.

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Re: Amex BCE

This would be my first Amex card.  My EX is 673 currently and I'm not sure if that will make the cut.  

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Re: Amex BCE

Good luck with that!

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Re: Amex BCE

If you are unsure of are on the cusp, simply wait a bit until you aren't so that your chances for a favorable result.

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Re: Amex BCE

Hey prestige. I have a 670 EX. Just applied and approved for the BCE yesterday. For $1000. And then apprd for the Delta Blue Miles card and approved. NPSL. I've checked pre-qualified on their site for over a year and never got one. It was a cold app for me. YMMV

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NFCU Cash Rewards-$2800 (1/13/18)
USAA Classic Platinum Visa-$1000 (1/13/18)
Discover IT-$10,000! (1/13/18)
AMEX BCE-$1000 (1/13/18)
AMEX Blue Delta SkyMiles-$1000 (1/13/18)
Care Credit-$7500(1/13/18)
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Open sky secured card $400 Feb '17

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