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Applied while CR frozen? So now what?

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Re: Applied while CR frozen? So now what?

Always best to get those computer approvals over the human ones IMO. You probably would have been approved. If the reports weren't frozen.

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Re: Applied while CR frozen? So now what?

AverageJoesCredit wrote:
This is good example why Chase is a tuff nut to crack sometimes, you either dont make the 5/24 squad or you have 2 many inqs team. On top of double pulls, almost as bad as going the triple route for Cap One lolSmiley Wink

I think the problem here was the procedure. Instead of calling the backdoor number, op should have just called the regular application line after unfreezing their reports. They might have stood a chance with a computer approval, but having a human do the first approval gave their report too much scrutiny. Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Applied while CR frozen? So now what?

I agree

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