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Backdoor Numbers

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Try 800-881-4730. I just called and was able to reach an analyst to discuss my application that had been in "review status" for more than 2 weeks. 

CreditMagic7 wrote:

MessyRobot wrote:

Does anyone have a current Credit Analyst number for BOA?  The ones in this thread are no longer valid, and the only other one i could find online was an automated one that said my application was under review.

They change up frequently but you can always get a CSR to direct your call straight to a credit analyst.

I done this myself because of lack of valid BD numbers.


Best of luck with your recon


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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Thanks for this!  Used it for my Amex BCE and worked like a charm.  This forum kicks ass

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Should I use the same number to recon for a higher limit on Amex BCE? Or What number would I use for that?

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Anyone know what number to call to get expedited shipping for CSR?

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

darwin_wins wrote:

Anyone know what number to call to get expedited shipping for CSR?

Call the Customer Service. If they cant help you they should be able to transfer you.



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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Does anyone have the number for ToysRUs cards?  I applied but got the wait for the letter message and I'd like to call.

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

The number given for Citibank retention department is inoperative.



(Mod Action-Number deleted after verified dead)

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Re: Backdoor Numbers

For toysrus call synchrony. ..
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

Thank you to this thread of back door numbers this really help my boyfriend and I this week. We were able to use the Chase business analyst recon back door number(Open Mon-Fri and they only accept Mail or Fax from their in store branch, not email, for info verification if they need it from you) and my boyfriend was approved for his Bus CC for 9K.(Also they tell you to wait few hours befor you call them back after you fax the docs they asked from you) Again thank you.
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Re: Backdoor Numbers

BoA apr reduction 866-811-4108 is a non working number fyi

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