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Barclay Cards

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Re: Barclay Cards

Got approved for Ring with $10K with a 703 TU and 7 new accounts in previous year, though none in past six months (incl inquiries). They're probably new account and inquiry sensitive to a point (IME it was 6 months).

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Re: Barclay Cards

Recon wont do no good if i got quite a few new accounts

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Re: Barclay Cards

Imperfectfuture wrote:

theeurotuner wrote:

I wasn't saying 2 years with barclay. He opened 5 new accounts with other banks in the last 2 years. Going by his sig, many are in the later half of 2015. Barclay is new account sensitive.

And my experience says otherwise, but scores were really good upon approvals.

Anecdote: I've had 10 new cards (1 Barclay) plus 2-3 lines of credit and 2-3 personal loans and a car loan with refi show up in the last two years, and Barclays reversed denial on recon with me. Only 2 CC/2 LOC in the last six months, and fewer inquiries on TU. The analyst was pleased that I had no recent baddies, and had been paying down my debts--that seemed to outweigh the new lines and inquiries in the last month or two, and the analyst specifically said that was important to Barclays. 


Obviously, your mileage will vary, and even your profile and history may get a different response from different analysts. 


If your total usage isn't growing with your available credit, you're probably going to be better off, and (for some creditors) the new accounts won't be as scary. If you got $20k in recent credit and appear to have used $10k of it, I'd expect rocky roads in the recon seas. But as that old Far Side jellyfish outhouse comic said, "only they know for sure."


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Re: Barclay Cards

MssRemaa wrote:

What are my chances on getting approved for another Barclay card..... Right now I have a Apple Visa from them... my TU fico is 692... the last card I opened showing on my report was in august... Do you think I can get approved for anoher card and which one if so?

Yes. I think your best shot would be a Barclay Rewards card, second best shot would be an NFL extra points card.



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Re: Barclay Cards

I apped my a#* off before and after my Barclay apps. Only 1 denial in 2 years.
Every one here is correct!
Barclays IS new account and inquiry sensitive.
The point is YMMV. You have to decide if it's worth a hard pull to find out.
Maybe go for the Rewards card.
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Re: Barclay Cards

Thanks Everybody! I'm not sure if I will apply for the card or not... I might give it a few months n then apply but whatever I do I will keep you guys posted on the outcome... Thanks again!

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Re: Barclay Cards

I spoke to Barclay CSR yesterday about apr reduction and cli. I asked about additional Barclay cards and rep said you can have as many as you like as long as you pass the hp. I asked about calling in and combining a single HP for a new card AND a cli for my Rewards card but she said that would be 2 HPs. She then said to apply for the NFL card and get a SP cli on Rewards card at the 6 month mark which she said is automatic.
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Re: Barclay Cards

I was approved for my 4th barclay card in november with way more than 5-10 new cards reporting. I hadnt opened a new barclay card in a year though. Tu was pretty strong, utilization low, inquiries 11ish, almost 3 year relationship with barclay cards. 

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Re: Barclay Cards

Barclays can be very strange....I know they're inquiry sensitive for anything under 6 months and they hate new accounts under a year....I have friends with tons of new accounts and a lower Fico score than me and they got approved... and I have other friends who had just a few new account and had far higher fico score and they were denied...Barclays is all over the place in my opinion. 

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Re: Barclay Cards

Hi MssRemaa!


I have my own data points to share with you:


I was approved for the NFL Extra Points Visa in July '16. I applied for the JetBlue Plus in November '16, and was approved for a $4000 SL with TU 655. Since May '16, prior to apping for the JetBlue, I had opened 5 new credit card accounts: Credit One, Capital One, the NFL Extra Points, Discover, and Victoria's Secret. Just to throw another possible factor out there, I do have a Barclays savings account, so I suppose that could have some bearing on the approval.


Good luck if you decide to go for it! Smiley Happy

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