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Chase hates me?

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Chase hates me?

So I need to know the secret with Chase. I know the 5/24 rule so I applied for Disney for my wife.
TU 687
EX and EQ 667

Low util because almost everything has been paid off. A couple of late payments from 5 years ago. Never burned Chase.

Got the 30 day message and when i call, 7-10 day message that it’s under review. Tried to speak with someone and they just said to wait. It’s been a week, should I try calling again or just wait? Barclay will approve me but not Chase, go figure.
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Re: Chase hates me?

Disney is not a card that’s part of 5/24...

They can be strange on approval... do either of you have an existing relationship with them?
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Re: Chase hates me?

I know it's not included which is why I chose to apply for that one and not one of the regular cards. My wife has an Amazon card with them but it's a small limit and no luv there in almost 2 years. I don't have a relationship with them at this point.

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Re: Chase hates me?

Well, I got the denial in the mail. I wonder why they dislike me so much
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Re: Chase hates me?

Chase is very finicky. I used to bank with them and I couldn’t get any offers. Many years after I had closed my accounts, moved out of state, and by having a long term rapid rewards account and just coming off a flight, I was able to get in with the Southwest card. 


I never get prequal for anything Chase. However I am now over 5/24 and don’t expect any love from Chase for a while. 

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Re: Chase hates me?

Your scores don't add up for me, can you disclose some more data points from your report?


FICO scores of 680s with a few lates from 5 years ago seems low to me.  You mention your utilization is low -- are you sure your reports show it as low?  Do you mean aggregate utilization is low, or are all of your card balances low compared to limits?  Do you have even one card with high utilization?  Do you have an installment loan open and reporting?


Chase Disney recon is supposedly pretty easy to do, so try that once you get the letter.

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