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Credit Union Apps, please advice

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Credit Union Apps, please advice

Hi guys,


I'm currently rebuilding and have used a lot of info from the contributions in this forum. So thank you everyone for sharing.


My current credit scores from CK are: TU 556 and EQ 556, EX - (No fico score) 


I spent some time yesterday applying and joining CU's. I'll list my progress and please advice me on a few things. 



Joined through NLUS. I called in to complete the application due to errors on their website.


Result - Only approved for Savings account. Rep suggested I reapply in 60 days for checking as my credit improves for their checking account. I didn't get any inquiry alerts so I guess there was no inquiry? My plan is to deposit small amounts to keep the account active then reapply for checking. 


Any other suggestions?



The application didn't ask for any affiliations? It did ask for $25 Minimum Deposit for eChecking but didn't ask for the typical $5 for savings, so I'm not sure if I missed a step?


Result - I completed the app and was instantly approved. Experian inquiry. $25 Deposit eChecking.

Credit App - I applied to see if I can qualify for their Visa Card, I will be submitting POI to complete the app.


Any other comments or suggestions?


WSECU - Washington State Employees Credit Union

Join as I work/live in Washington. This will be my main banking account.


Result - Online app, instantly approved for savings then called in to add checking account. Transunion Inquiry. $5 Deposit.

Credit App - I applied for their Visa Rewards. I am pre-approved with stipulations $1,500 starting limit.


Stipulations they are asking for

·         Terms (when you are ready please give us a call so we can go over these with you) - Completed

·         Verification of Income: most recent paystub dated within the last 30 days or last two years of tax returns if self-employed - Completed

·         Documentation that judgement/lien has been cleared - I have 5. 2 - I'm paying now, 3 - I'm going to make arrangements (These are from a business I started but went negative)

·         Documentation that collections have been cleared - 7 Total. 5 are medical, 1 from comcast that I disputed through equifax and removed, 1 is a collection from one of the liens. 


I have 60 days to provide documents for the stipulations. I went to Transunion online to dispute Comcast and 3 medicals (not disputing, asked for early exclusion) So I'm crossing my fingers that they remove it. My online hold back would be the liens. 


Any suggestions on how I can speak or plead my case to the loan rep? or any other suggestions you guys have would be appreciated. Thank you guys!!


Also, if you need more info from me let me know, I'm happy share.



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Re: Credit Union Apps, please advice

Sounds like you are doing everything that can be done at the moment. With all those recent negatives going on, and thus the resulting very low FICO scores you may just have to sit tight and let the dust settle.


You *might* be able to get a secured card with someone but get those negative items squared away first.

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Re: Credit Union Apps, please advice

Yup, you are doing what can be done. The negs are hurting you for now. Good luck on getting your visa with your local CUSmiley Happy
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Re: Credit Union Apps, please advice

Have you considered joining BECU?

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Re: Credit Union Apps, please advice

I don't know the requirements, but NFCU has a nice secured card.  Penfed isn't really known for working with people with dirty files.

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Re: Credit Union Apps, please advice

Penfed does its just we are kept on the left side behind the planter when you walk in Smiley Wink
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Re: Credit Union Apps, please advice

AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Penfed does its just we are kept on the left side behind the planter when you walk in Smiley Wink

Penfed is the reason I skip not walk. 😊😊😊

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Re: Credit Union Apps, please advice

I would be interested to see your real FICO scores instead of your CK FAKO score. It might give you a better idea of what you are really working with.

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Re: Credit Union Apps, please advice

gideon99 wrote:

Have you considered joining BECU?

Agree that BECU is at the top of the list. Definitely outstanding. Smiley Happy


I also agree with the others that you need to obtain your real scores, not your CK (fake) scores. The scores you have listed are a little low for BECU approval.

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Re: Credit Union Apps, please advice

I don't have fico score yet. Since, 18 years old to now 33. Never had a loan or credit cards. Downside, I had a lot of medical collections and 4 liens from a failed LLC business.

Started building October 2016. Here's what I've been able to achieve.

My very first auto loan opened October 2016. With no score nor history paired with collections and liens. Down payment was $3k and sad to say 29% Apr on 24 month loan. (no laughing)

Nov '16 - Discover IT Secured - $200

Dec - Fingerhut - $180 (two more low payments on first payment but want to just pay it off)

Dec 16 - Credit One unsecured - $300

Hope this gives an idea. Thanks for the replies.

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